Sarah Palin Makes Iowa Appearance, Still Won't Announce Candidacy


Sarah Palin was in Iowa tonight for the premiere of the fawning documentary The Undefeated, but as for her presidential run, she still isn’t ready to stop collecting paychecks from Fox News make an announcement.

While promoting her book on Fox News this morning, Bristol Palin teased that her mom “definitely knows” whether she’s running or not. Palin responded:

“I said, ‘What did you say this morning, honey?’ I told Bristol, too, what is talked about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat.”

They hadn’t planned to go fishing today, but Sarah made Bristol crawl into the boat for their chat so the anecdote would sound more folksy.

Palin added that she’s “not ready to announce anything yet – not so much – but very happy to get to be here in Iowa with friends.” She went on to praise the film, and her own talent for bipartisanship:

“It’s a documentary about the record of my team in Alaska that worked so hard for energy security and ethics reform and privatizing business that should never be in government’s hands. This film really is a great illustration of what it is you can accomplish as a team through a bi-partisan approach; just common sense solutions to touch issues and we tackled it. We succeeded, and someone went to the trouble of documenting what we accomplished. I appreciate it, and that’s what brings me to Iowa.”

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