Sarah Palin Pretends to Consider Being Donald Trump's Vice President 


Take shelter: Sarah Palin, former governor and current professional bloviator, is “leaving the door open” to becoming Donald Trump’s running mate. Donald Trump has not, that we know of, asked her to be his running mate, but has said in the past that he’d tap her to be part of his blessedly imaginary—for now—presidential cabinet.

Palin made the comments in an interview with Extra that we saw via the Hill; she also said Trump is being “crucified just for telling the truth.”

“Man, he is just getting crucified out there, just for telling the truth,” Palin said. “He’s doing a good job of that, and he’s shaking it up the way it should be, and he’s leading other candidates in having to talk about the issues that Average Everyday Joe Sixpack America wants to talk about.”

“He has said he’s open to a female running mate,” Extra’s Renee Blargh asked. “If he was to ask you or choose you, would you be open to it?”

“There are so many good potential female running mates out there, and male running mates,” Palin replied. “Someone like Allen West needs to be VP.” West is the former Congressman who is so rabidly Islamophobic he believed himself to be the victim of Sharia law at a Texas Walmart. In other words, Sarah’s kind of guy.

Regardless, Palin said she will support Trump, or anyone other than Hillary Clinton. “We’ve had seven years, eight years of a liberal policy that’s turning us into a socialist nation. That’s not what our founders had intended for us. We’re headed in that direction. If we elect someone who’s been part of the problem, creating this socialism, then really there is no hope.”

Palin has settled into a comfortable and lucrative post-political career as TV host and paid speechmaker, most recently doing a guest hosting gig on One America News, a Fox News-esque newish station. Even though she and Trump share a warm relationship, and he’s said he’d like her to be in his cabinet, she’s not actually thinking about being vice president. She’s not going to be vice president. But let it never be said that she doesn’t recognize the warm and beckoning glow of a brief media spotlight when she sees one.

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