Saturday Night Punky Power


As Anna noted last month, I’ll be working part-time on the weekends, so I’m afraid we’ve come to the end of our broadcast day. Alas, the economy is crappy, but we can still have fun!

Is 2009 already bumming you out? Has the economy forced you to eat a meal of ramen noodles with ramen noodles on the side? Do you need a dose of kickass Punky Power to get things started? Well fear not, doves, for Punky Brewster is here to save the day, in this clip, where she proves to dumb ol’ Allan that girls are just as good as boys at building and racing toy cars. Punky has no tolerance for Allan or the race track owner’s sexism, and when she gets rejected from the "boys only" track, Punky sets out to teach them all a lesson. She’s a true Jezebel:

I hope you all have a lovely evening- feel free to rock out, discuss, and swap Saturday night stories in the comments, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

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