Saturday Night Social: Lillibet Makes Her London Society Debut

Saturday Night Social: Lillibet Makes Her London Society Debut
Screenshot: (Tatler Twitter)

As Larry the Mouser gets on with his long bid to become the most beloved Prime Minister in British history, a new, more fashionable cat has conquered London high society. Meet Lilibet, a Siberian Forest cat who has taken up residence at The Lanesborough, a luxury hotel in Knightsbridge where she is cared for by a team of employees known as the Cat Committee.

But do the ultimately inconsequential frivolities of fashionable life not get tiresome Lilibet? Would you not rather wield some real power? Perhaps a casual stroll near 10 Downing Street is in order. Of course, the marriage would be a lonely one. Larry is married to his country, and you were always a cat with ambitions beyond the domestic sphere. However the wife of a world leader is afforded luxuries, privileges, and confidences far beyond those offered by the drawing rooms of your velvet prison. Imagine the headlines, the fame, the control. Fortune favors the bold, Lilibet, and you were not born for the life of a hotel cat.

Hope your week was full of successful schemes. Do tell.

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