Scott Walker Wants to Build a Wall Between the US and Canada


If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the annoying kid in your government class who elicited groans every time he opened his mouth about “the immigrant problem” or “what we should do about the middle east,” look no further than presidential candidate Scott Walker. The man who has never answered one question coherently says he wants to build a wall by Canada to prevent the terrorists from coming over.

Walker’s decision to support building a wall between the United States and Canada comes from a conversation he had with “law enforcement folks” who are “worried” about potential terrorist threats coming from the Great White North. And, putting aside the fact that a wall has not prevented terrorist attacks on American soil in the past (why do these politicians act like getting into the country is so easy? It’s like they forget that borders do exist in real life and are not just figments of our imagination), Walker’s reasons for wanting the wall are incredibly incoherent. They may, in fact, just be a way for him to draw attention away from the fact that he has changed his position on whether to end birthright citizenship three times in just the last week alone.

From The Guardian’s piece on Walker’s Meet the Press interview:

Walker has come under scrutiny on immigration, recently for holding apparently shifting positions on whether to amend the constitution in order to end birthright citizenship. On Sunday, he repeatedly said that was not an issue he considered a priority.
“Whether it’s talking about the 14th amendment or anything else, until we secure the border and enforce the laws, we shouldn’t be talking about any other issue out there,” he said.

In addition, Walker shifted blame for Wisconsin’s impossibly high black incarceration rate from himself and towards the city of Milwaukee, which is the state’s biggest. The policies there, Walker said, are really the issue when it comes to the imprisonment of minorities. In addition he refused any blame for WI’s abysmal record when it comes to “opportunities for African American children—which, according to The Guardian, puts the state in last place in the nation. “Part of it is, I think, some of the poor policies in the city of Milwaukee,” Walker said, before pointing out that he was all for charter schools and fighting against “union control.”

Walker’s full interview can be seen below. Be warned, however, that he spends a great deal of the segment correcting his stances from previous interviews, which he will soon correct on another interview in the near future. For now, however, the Governor, who believes that he will be president (he compares himself to Obama beating Hillary Clinton), says he’s pleased with the reforms he’s made in his state, as well as his high job approval rating, which comes in at a whopping 39 percent.

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