Scout Willis Protested Instagram by Walking Around NYC Topless


The spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis bared the upper half of her body Tuesday on the rough streets of New York City to protest Instagram’s nudity policy.

After the social media platform removed yet another of her photos for violating its Community Guidelines, Scout spent several days tweeting almost exclusively about both nipples and Instagram. She has become so committed to the cause that before her account was disabled, she changed her Instagram name to “Scout (Areola) Willis.” (There’s been no word on whether she’s officially changed her middle name from “LaRue” to “(Areola)” as well.)

Scout’s issues with the platform seem to have been prompted by a photo she posted of a sweatshirt she designed called “The Babe Bomber” that features a picture of two topless women on it. But past that, the issue is clearly near and dear to her heart.

Scout’s Instagram, like Rihanna’s, is currently still offline. The exact whereabouts of her breasts is currently unknown. On Tuesday, they were somewhere in New York.

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