See The First Images From Beyonce's Wedding To Jay-Z


Yesterday Beyonce released the video for her live performance of “I Was Here,” which she dedicated to the fans despite the fact that it’s just a montage of how awesome her life has been so far. (To be fair, if we performed at the Obama inauguration, held a handful of Grammys and met Nelson Mandela, we’d be bragging too.) However, the video does contain an Easter egg for the fans. Beyonce married Jay-Z during a private ceremony in 2008, and at 3:36 she shares a shot of her gown for the first time. You’d better brace yourself, because you will never be the same after seeing these images:

Okay, it’s actually just a normal wedding gown with a slightly longer than average train. It’s definitely pretty, but we were hoping it would involve a sparkly leotard.

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