Selena Gomez Is Taking a Social Media Hiatus…Again

After that video of Gomez spilling tea at the Golden Globes went viral, she's decided to--once again--close up shop on Instagram.

Selena Gomez Is Taking a Social Media Hiatus…Again
Photo:Denis Makarenko (Shutterstock)

There have been many battles in the considerable war of Selena Gomez vs. social media. First, there was a fight that lasted four and a half years and ended in 2022. Shortly after that, in response to an alleged feud with her ex’s wife, Hailey Bieber, came the great fray of 2023. Then, months later, there was the short-lived struggle that only indirectly referenced the actual atrocities in Gaza.

Now, I fear I must report another battle from the bunker. On Tuesday, the singer, actress, and entrepreneur confirmed via her Instagram stories that she was now “off social media for a while,” alongside a video of her new boyfriend, Benny Blanco, playing with two children.

“Focusing on what really matters,” Gomez wrote, seemingly in reference to all the hullabaloo over whatever piping hot tea she spilled to Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller in this now-viral clip from the Golden Globes. In case you somehow missed the discourse, the rumor—fueled by scores of so-called professional lip-readers online—was that Gomez asked her former co-star (from a Woody Allen movie, mind you) Timothée Chalamet for a photo during the ceremony, only for his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, to forbid it. Then, Gomez allegedly made a beeline for Swift’s table to talk shit.

Frankly, it seems like a believable enough story and Teller’s lips did look like they said “Timothée” in shock. According to everyone involved, however, there’s no beef between Gomez, Chalamet, and Jenner. On Monday, Chalamet confirmed to TMZ that everything was cool. Before departing Instagram, Gomez, too, attempted to clarify the situation by commenting on a post from E! News speculating about what she said to Swift and Teller.

“Noooooo, I told Taylor about my two friends who hooked up,” Gomez wrote, tacking on, “Not that that’s anyone’s business.” You’d think someone who’s spent their entire life in the entertainment industry would know by now that talking animatedly to one of the most famous people on the planet during a televised award show is automatically made everyones business.

Anyway! If we’re going by Gomez’s account, Teller still technically could’ve been referring to Chalamet. Is Wonka himself one of Gomez’s friends involved in the alleged hookup? Who knows! And, given that this story’s shelf life is about to expire, who gives a shit?

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