Selfie Loathing: Katy Perry Finds Enlightenment via Mosquito Bite


Welcome back to Selfie Loathing, in which the stars act like paparazzi and turn the cameras on themselves. This week: Rosie Huntington-Whitely is on vacation; Kat Dennings has hurt herself; Mindy Kaling has a blue mani and Katy Perry’s third eye is open. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

Happy & giggling. @gabunion#Miami

Shhhh! @peopleschoice is about to start so we have to be quiet. @llcoolj

Thank u @joeidfox#sniptease@lou_weeze for my new hair style!!! This soon to be mommy feels pretty again �������� love u girls!!!

Since I moved to America, I’ve collected boots. Sometimes it takes a little work.

Always look forward to their interviews …love @kellyandmichael

@redfoo #sohufashion #soquiche #spottedfriend

#quiche#SHANGHAI#diffborder ��ily! �� @lonniemcq

Thanks for another $weet beat! @leleboo_phucku #MakeupByLee #MACgirlz #mybffisillerthanyourz


Always great catching up with old friends!@bryangreenberg#octoberroad#nickandhannah

Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Letterman nails I picked sparkly for Dave by @stpolished

Definitely a “love it or hate it” piece. I’m wearing with green emerald drop earrings @kylebyalenetoo

OMG! Thank you so much for choosing me as your Favorite Pop Artist! I love y’all so much! Xo!

Winter weather self. It’s cold outside

Good morning

best party favor

Watch This!!!! Introducing Super Black Man!!! Lol

The difference between my shoe choices & @ninadobrev‘s shoe choices at People’s Choice Awards fitting right now in @ilariaurbinati ‘s studio. @ericraydavidson and I are out numbered here- basically, I’m stripping in a room full of hot chicks? Intimidating…? Nah;)

Love you all… This is for you- and out TVD crew;)

Check out one of the lil homies that came in the mail today. Never thought I’d own one of these. Amazing.#moonman#kaws#mtv

1st day back to work post-Holiday vacation! #oitnb

Just had so much fun getting lessons from @justinbieberon how to #SprayPaint! Needless to say I was shit all I did was the horns! Justin is a lovely boy and have turned me into a true #Belieber tonight!

Most #Random but fun night with @justinbieber!

Either I’m in a helicopter with a handsome man – or @bobsaget is having a happy dream!

What do we do after we win 3 PCAs?!?! Easy… Go to Taco Bell!! People’s Champ, baby!!

Freezing day on set #ahs #coven


Ready to #LateNight .Good to see you sweet@jimmyfallon#LNJF@Pantenehair. ������ Pronta para o Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Foi ótimo te ver@jimmyfallon.

First show of the New year Footwear#irregularchoiceshoes

Day 1 on Chappie! Vincent is born, rocking the mullet. Working with Neill Blomkamp in SA. This film is rad.

Everything Irie �� #Jamaica#MotherNature#GoodVibes

morning! loving my little yellow sweater

Look who I ran into this morning at GMA! The raddest, the most talented, the most radiant!! @LenaDunham#season3GIRLS#cantwait!!

My third eye via mosquito bite. #thanksvacation

Goodnight ladies

Very Mrs. Robinson.

Excellent Christmas gift: a tiara for my ostrich.

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