Selfie Loathing: What Celebrities Did on Instagram This Week


Welome back to your favorite Vanity Smurf playground. While you were staring at a screen under fluorescent lights, celebrities were out frolicking and turning the camera on themselves.

And when the stars weren’t taking the pictures themselves, they were using Instassistants. That’s right. Someone on the payroll, just for photography purposes. How else does Beyoncé get such great shots of herself? And who do you think takes pictures of Diddy sleeping?

Anyway: Here’s what the stars were doing with their smart phones this week. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

Covert scandal manager n the one n only Oliva pope! Ms. Kerry Washington ! Don’t u just love her!

Bonjour! from French countryside. Hangin’ with la Dame Helen Mirren on the set of wonderful new movie I’m producing with Spielberg/Dreamworks. #100footjourney

Thinking about all the great submissions I saw and heard today on Twitter! Thanks for sharing your ART and Soul with me.

#TamiTaylorSelfie #ClearEyes #CoachTaylor

#citibikelife with #mummylohan #beautifulday

@krisjenner and I are dating now and @sprandoni and Bruiser seem pretty chill about it hahah

Tired as fuck. Bout to wrap up ARTPOP. I don’t even know where the music ends and I begin. Who cares about anything else if the record is no good. I love ARTPOP. Making this music has really changed my life. Rambling sorry. No sleep.

With my amazing #oitnb ladies, Jenji Kohan and Dascha Polanco at a Woman’s Prison Association event @sheisdash

Loving my faux fur hoodie. Perfect for this cold New York weather.

My new passport photo. Didn’t have time or energy for a full beat but it could be worse. #passportphoto


#amandalepore #selfie #nofilter #freshlybleached #prissygirl #highmatinence

Tonight I’m joining @TOMS & wearing these shades to raise awareness for visual impairment #BESHADY

Jewish Hindu love

Paris. 8:02pm

Joining @TOMS & unabashedly selfie-ing my wearing sunglasses INSIDE to raise awareness for visual impairment. #BESHADY #WorldSightDay

LOVING these vintage pants I got on etsy!!!! #vintageeverything❤️

Me and my trainer

Having a little fun… where that chocolatedrop at battle me boy @kevinhart4real #shotsfired #parappathrapper #callinthembasics #phillybeatsproduction @philly1314 #cantevenhearthebeatthatshowhotitis

@mattnordgren @kbloomfield801 @themarkmullett #stevenklein #hamptons #peaceful #cherishyourfrienda #gorgeousdoggies!

I love photo apps

I love face timing with my baby ❤️❤️❤️

She’s in Labor! Aunt @thejram (aka midwife) & Uncle @polivierjr our little Nietzsche girl is about to drop a ton of love into the world.World please send super-positive energy to this very brave and very scared little girl.THIS ignites even more,ISF’s vision and the absolute necessity to finish research and distribute SAFE species-specific oral sterilization drugs for dogs and cats! Lets put our heads together and end OVER POPULATION OF THESE INCREDIBLE ANIMALS! Thank you!

Live from the whelping box In Atlanta!Panting,pushing, contractions -Wow.Make no mistake about it-Ladies rule…Women of every species blow my mind…Incredible what mamas go through!Love to you mamas-all over the world.Jeez

Off to good start… @kiyahwright1 is creating something special for the kids

Crack o dawn to ya #withLovefromSydney #mymorningz

Big selfie. – as I lay dying this weekend – NYC

No seriously.. This really happened last night… cc: @TopherGrace, @mrkatalyst, @LauraPrepon, @DannyMasterson #MilaKunis..

@casandrae was talkin shit on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol

@iamdiddy can be pretty heavy sometimes… �� This picture is cute to me because I normally sleep on top of him… He really fell asleep like this ❤️

Getting ready in my bathroom with the handyman #awkward

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