Senator Josh Hawley Loves Being An Asshole So Much Even Mitch McConnell Is Stunned By His Commitment

Senator Josh Hawley Loves Being An Asshole So Much Even Mitch McConnell Is Stunned By His Commitment
Image:Scott Olson (Getty Images)

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, whom you may remember as the guy who hates abortion and loves pretending that anti-Christian discrimination is a thing, is also an election truther based on no evidence beyond his own imagination. Imagine that.

Hawley plans to “object during the Electoral College certification process when Congress convenes next week, a move that ensures a delay in the final step to mark President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.” He claims that Pennsylvania failed to follow its own election laws during the 2020 election to work with Facebook in order to ensure a Biden victory or something. It is all, of course, bullshit and based on no evidence according to nearly every judge who has heard arguments on the matter and even Mitch McConnell of all people, who worries that lying a bunch to stir up discontent among a conspiracy theory-rabid voter base might hurt the Republican brand by forcing some of them to tell the truth:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had reportedly urged Republicans not to object during the joint session as it puts GOP lawmakers in the uncomfortable position of supporting an objection that will likely fail and forces them to go on the record as to whether or not they concur with allegations of election fraud.”

When even Mitch McConnell is like “Be quiet, asshole, these are lies,” a person really should probably look at their life and choices. [NPR]

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