Sex And The City Writer Wants Nothing To Do With The Prequel


Michael Patrick King, who wrote a bunch of episodes of Sex And The City, as well as the two craptastic movies, and also worked as a writer and producer on Cybil and Will & Grace, is not interested in working on the Sex And The City prequel.

In the past few months, rumors have flown regarding whether or not Candace Bushnell’s young adult novel The Carrie Diariesset in the ’80s — will be a feature film. Some reports claimed that King was behind the project. Yesterday, King denied involvement and insisted he is not interested:

“I took [Sarah Jessica Parker’s] Carrie Bradshaw from 33 to 43,” says King. “That’s what interested me, her growth in those years.
I didn’t even want to know who were her parents were. To me, she could have just materialized at 33. So I have no interest whatever in a prequel.”

So… No Blake Lively as Samantha? Thank God.

‘Sex and the City’ Writer Michael Patrick King Says He Has ‘No Interest Whatsoever’ In Story Prequel [NYDN]

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