Sexiest Man Alive and Viola Davis Will Save You from Cyberterrorists


The world’s sexiest man alive (according to a magazine that is probably paid by publicists to bestow that title) is going to save us all from a super scary cyberterrorist attack.

Chris Hemsworth’s new movie Blackhat is all about the high tech world of working out your core and bulking up your upper torso cyberterrorism/hacking/some bullshit with blinking lights on computers. After a terrifying cyber attack blows up a nuclear reactor (holy shit), the government releases black-hat hacker Hemsworth to use his hacking powers for good instead of evil or pirating porn videos. Yes, that’s that’s Thor banging away at a keyboard to save the world. See, it’s about ethics in cyberterrorism.

I’m getting a major Swordfish 2 vibe from this trailer. But it is directed by Michael Mann who makes some goddamn good movies. Also—VIOLA DAVIS! She can totally save the world from cyberterrorist bullshit.

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