Sharon Stone Did Not Understand the Assignment

The Basic Instinct star, uh, unnecessarily slid into the comments on Jonah Hill's Instagram

Sharon Stone Did Not Understand the Assignment
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Jonah Hill explicitly asked his fans to stop making positive or negative comments on his body this week, which immediately prompted Sharon Stone to… comment on his body.

The comedian and actor, who is often aggressively earnest on Instagram, hopped on the platform on Wednesday to address fans who have remarked on his weight in any way, telling them that their comments don’t make him “feel good.”

“I know you mean well but I kindly ask that you not comment on my body,” wrote the 37-year-old in the post. “Good or bad I want to politely let you know it’s not helpful and doesn’t feel good. Much respect.”

Not missing a beat, Sharon Stone swooped into the comments to offer her unwelcome two cents on the whole situation:

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First of all, Sharon, Jonah just asked you politely to not do that.

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Secondly… the responses to her comment are gold. Hill’s fans are fully roasting her. Most people are telling the 63-year-old to read the damn room, while others are saying a prayer and hoping “this was meant as ironic because it’s hilarious.” Some just flat out ask her if she “can even read.”

To Hill’s credit, he chose to take the correct route in this situation, which was to simply not engage with Stone’s declaration. Though, now, we’ve never been more excited to see a pair interact on the red carpet and can only hope Hill sets her straight IRL.

Hill’s been candid over the last year about how his “childhood insecurities” were “exacerbated by years of public mockery about my body by press and interviewers.”

“I’m 37 and finally love and accept myself,” he wrote in a February 2021 Instagram caption featuring a screenshot of a less than kind Daily Mail post about his body, adding that it was “for the the kids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool. Have fun. You’re wonderful and awesome and perfect. All my love.”

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