She Picked Him


The man we all figured would win The Bachelorette—after he scored the first impression rose and a smooch on night one—has won the heart of Becca Kufrin. Garrett Yrigoyen is Kufrin’s new fiancé, in what turned out to be one of the most predictable Bachelorette seasons in history.

Yrigoyen, the extremely boring brand of handsome medical sales rep from Reno, Nevada, caused controversy immediately after the first episode because of his social media history. As the Huffington Post first reported, Yrigoyen liked a bunch of Instagram posts by political pundits that ridiculed the Parkland school shooting survivors (including the “David Hogg is a crisis actor” trope), immigrants, leftist women, trans people… the list goes on. He deleted his Instagram as a result.

After Monday night’s Bachelorette finale/proposal, longtime Bachelor host Chris Harrison asked Garrett about the ordeal. Garrett responded with, “I never realized the power behind a mindless double tap on Instagram and how it bears so much weight on people’s lives. I did not mean harm by any of it.” Later, Yrigoyen told People, “Just because I liked it doesn’t necessarily mean that I supported it. I was raised in a very open-minded family that was accepting to everybody. We’re very non-judgmental. I’m genuinely sincere.”

Kufrin, too, responded to Harrison’s question:

“I, luckily, got to know him for who he is… So I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul. And the Instagram situation, I don’t condone that and I know that he stands by his apology and he feels so bad for everyone that he did offend. I just want to move forward and to learn and to grown and to continue to educate ourselves. That’s all that you can ask for in another person.”

After all the shit Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulled on the last season of the Bachelor, my girl needed a win, and instead, she got this guy. Do bigots make for good husbands as long as they have straight teeth, a full head of hair and a strong jaw?

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