Shirts Optional At Twilight: Eclipse's London Premiere.


Why is this shirtless youth standing on the shoulders of a Charlie Chaplin statue in Leicester Square? When it comes to Twilight premieres, we’ve stopped asking these questions.

I always feel kinda miffed when the cast disperses to promote the films in different locales and instead of the greatest love triangle of our era, we get some minor werewolves and assorted Cullens. But! Ashley Greene is certainly representing sparkle-vamps for all she’s worth!

Kelly Rowland, in one of the single oddest cutaway frocks these eyes have ever seen. And the more you stare, the more confusing it becomes!

For some reason, Joe “one of the Jonas brothers” Jonas was here. With Nikki Reed, in the Isadora Duncan look that we’re coming to expect, like.

Holly Willoughby does a little red carpet chameleon-ing.

Natalie Sulliman clearly enjoyed Tan-Grams as a child.

Okay, I like rompers, playsuits, jumpers and onesies probably more than the next guy. But Chloe Madeley: this is not appropriate. And I don’t want to be on the cartoon farm where it is, and where Fraulein Maria apparently makes all the clothes out of old feed sacks.

Ali Bastian continues the pastels trend in stiff cocktail-wear.

I don’t, personally, like having large pockets over my breasts: it makes it kinda hard to use them functionally. (The pockets, that is. Well, the breasts too!) Duffy disagrees.

Gok Wan is the Carson Kressley of the UK. No, literally: he hosts How to Look Good Naked there. Hence the glow of his enthusiasm is blinding enough that he’s forced to wear shades at all times.

Paloma Faith is my favorite. That is all. The reasons should, I think, be evident: she’s obviously about to perform “45 Minutes From Broadway” just like in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Sinitta, perhaps the only person who can comfortably sit through a movie in her getup.

Obligatory Twilight eye-candy comes in the form of Kellan Lutz, who’s apparently desperately searching for an underground crap game. The Greek’s in town! Harry the Horse! Big Julie!

[Images via Getty]

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