Shonda Rhimes' Final Straw With ABC Was Over a Disneyland Pass

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Shonda Rhimes' Final Straw With ABC Was Over a Disneyland Pass

When Shonda Rhimes broke with ABC in favor of Netflix in 2017, it was clear that things at the network hadn’t been working for some time. But in the cover story for Hollywood Reporter’s October issue, Rhimes revealed that the straw the broke the camel’s back was a situation with an all-access pass to Disneyland. From THR:

As part of her ABC relationship, Rhimes had been given an all-inclusive pass to Disneyland — and without a partner, she’d negotiated a second for her nanny. But on this day, she needed one for her sister, too, as she’d be taking Rhimes’ teenage daughter while the nanny chaperoned her younger two. If the passes had been interchangeable, Rhimes would have been happy to give up hers — when would she have time to go to Disneyland anyway?
After some unwanted back-and-forth — “We never do this,” she was told more than once — Rhimes was issued an additional pass. But when her daughters arrived in Anaheim, only one of the passes worked. Rhimes lobbed a call to a high-ranking executive at the company. Surely, he would get this sorted.
Instead, the exec allegedly replied, “Don’t you have enough?”

And that was that. Rhimes hung up with the exec and called up her lawyer with instructions to get her over to Netflix. For what it’s worth, the pass was valued at $154. [THR]

The original cast of Legally Blonde assembled (virtually) for the film’s 20 year (!) reunion, where they discussed, among other things, the fact that the iconic “bend and snap” scene was supposed to be a full-blown musical sequence.

Reese Witherspoon, who obviously starred as Elle Woods, said the scene was ultimately eliminated “because it was only one musical sequence.” But what was left was…still a pretty substantial musical sequence, which makes me wonder how long the original was? How has that not been released? Show us the sequence, cowards! [EW]

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