Show Us Your Fantastic and Festive Holiday Decor


Domestic goddess (and partner to New York’s current Governor Andrew Cuomo) Sandra Lee has eight Christmas trees in her home. EIGHT. “I decorate all of them, and I buy all of the decorations,” she told Vanity Fair, reportedly while laughing. “Even Andrew says, ‘Oh my God.'” Oh my god indeed, you holiday lunatic.

A member of the Jezebel staff who will go unnamed (because I wrote her out of my life after she revealed the following detail) told me she grew up in a home with three Christmas trees. Others around these parts have unabashedly displayed their idiocy by committing to the cause of multicolored lights. During the holidays apparently anything goes, so long as it’s ~fE$+!vE~.

So what’s your favorite way to show the cheer? Hit us in the comments with a picture and description of your chosen decor inside or outside of whatever you define as your home, whether it be the small corner of a dorm room that you have partitioned off from your roommate with questionable hygiene issues or the cubicle at your 9-to-5 office or the palatial mansion that you’re squatting in.

As always, a very happy holidays to you and yours!

Image via shannonpareil/Flickr.

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