Sia Becomes a Puppet, Human People Will Crush You, and Bad Bunny Proves His influence


Yes: Human People, “Jenny” If you’re a sucker for power pop-punk that tends to reject the confines of either guitar genre and places melody above all, Brooklyn’s Human People are for you. “Jenny” is their latest, and it’s hard for me to think of a more righteous lyric this year than: “Don’t touch me/I could crush you/You think I’m hollow/I’m full of blood and bile.” —Maria Sherman

If I must: Bhad Bhabie, “Yung and Bhad” feat. City Girls – Every time a new Bhad Bhabie song drops, an angel loses its wings and I lose my ability to judge what’s good and right in the world. Which is to say, this song is what the young and bad call a bop. —Clover Hope

Y: Marie Davidson, “So Right” – I fell in love with Montreal artist Marie Davidson’s creepy, industrial electronica through her project Essaie Pas (who put out a great record this year called New Path) and this first stone cold single from her forthcoming album Working Class Woman is hitting all my pleasure centers. —Hazel Cills

Yah: Akiko Yano, “Tadaima,” – This one is an oldie but a goodie and I wanted to show it some love this week, because it’s coming back in style. Japanese singer Akiko Yano’s 1981 album Tadaima is getting reissued this year and it’s a blast of ’80s synth-pop goodness, co-produced by the insanely prolific J-pop supergroup Yellow Magic Orchestra. —HC

Oui: Domenique Dumont, “Le Soleil Dans Le Monde” – Domenique Dumont, the Paris-based electronic duo, are a relatively new discovery for me—ever the fan of field recordings (here, the sounds of someone stomping on fresh earth and stone), low BPM and somber synth-pop, “Le Soleil Dans Le Monde” (“The Sun in the World”) is the perfect soundtrack to these dying summer daze—delightful, dreamy, eclectic with feigned simplicity. —MS

Y: Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny and Pacho, “Como Soy” (video) – I’m here for this collab. In an ode to Latin trap, the three joined forces in Puerto Rico to whip up this vid. I’ll admit, I had no idea who Pacho was, and sadly this isn’t the song that swayed me in his direction being that the somehow-still-relevant Yankee and only-person-who-should-wear-overalls-without-anything-underneath Conejo both outshone him. To me, this song shows Bad Bunny’s influence—with a sound that feels distinctly his. “You know how I am, you know how this works,” the song says. You’ll hear this one playing out the window of cars in BK and Queens in 22 days left of summer. —Ecleen Caraballo

Don’t need it: Sia, Diplo & Labrinth, “Thunderclouds” (video) – Sia’s muse Maddie Ziegler reemerges in this video, an indication that she will be performing for Sia until she’s old and gray. Here, Ziegler interpretative dances as usual, on top of a flying car, and there’s lots of cloud imagery like a children’s picture book come alive. —CH

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