Silly Capitol Police Officers Keep Forgetting Their Guns in Bathrooms


Capitol Police officers seem to have a habit of forgetting their guns whenever they take a leak. Several incidents have occurred in the past few months with Glocks being left out in the open by absent-minded security. In January, a Glock and its magazine were found jammed in a toilet seat cover holder at the Capitol Visitor Center. In March, a young boy found one in John Boehner’s Capitol suite bathroom. Most recently on April 15, a third Glock was found by a custodian at the Capitol Police HQ. This time, the gun wasn’t found in a restroom stall but left out in the open and was easily spotted. Glocks were designed without the traditional external safety locks and can instantly fire if the trigger is pulled.

According to Roll Call, the officer from the January 29 incident was recommended to receive a six-day unpaid suspension while the other two remain under investigation. House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions said he wanted Capitol Police to “retrain everyone that carries a gun.” The new training system should include a little jingle the security officers can learn to sing to themselves before leaving the bathroom. Something like, “Keys, Wallet, Phone, Glock.” Maybe that will help them to stop losing their guns.

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