Silly Mortals Ask Serena Williams Why She Isn't Smiling; Serena Responds Appropriately


Serena Williams, a goddess of extreme talent and beauty who blesses us with her presence on occasion when she’s not busy being pampered by a beefy Canadian rapper, had a long day on Tuesday.

She likely woke up early to prepare for the day and then went on to do her job at higher skill level than just about any of us will ever do anything in our entire lives. In order to do her job, Serena Williams had to oust her older sister from the US Open in one of the most intense and high-stakes matches they’ve ever played.

By 11:30pm, Serena Williams was, let’s say, a tad fatigued. And after a long, hard day like the one Serena had just had, us ladies know that the one thing we want is for some annoying man to ask us why were aren’t smiling.

During a press conference at Flushing Meadows after the match, Serena was asked by a reporter why she wasn’t smiling and laughing following her win—which, again, resulted in her best friend losing (via Mashable).

Fed up with this bullshit, Serena explained with some rather polite bluntness why the hell she wasn’t doing a victory lap.

“It’s 11:30. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t want to be here. I just want to be in bed right now and I have to wake up early to practice and I don’t want to answer any of these questions. And you keep asking me the same questions. It’s not really … you’re not making it super enjoyable.”

Hey dudes and all people who generally lack tact and common sense, the next time its your moment to shine in front of Serena “21 Grand Slam Titles” Williams, don’t ask her why she isn’t laughing when the answer is pretty clear.

Consider that maybe she’s physically a bit pooped after playing in a major professional sporting event. She might be sick of answering redundant questions. Perhaps she doesn’t appreciate being goaded into saying something controversial about her sister. Or, and stay with me here, maybe she isn’t doing cartwheels around the room because she hasn’t even won the damn tournament yet.

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