Snail Mail's Lindsey Jordan Has Absolutely Been Touched By a Ghost 


“I know myself and I’ll never love anyone else,” Lindsey Jordan, who performs with her band as Snail Mail, sings on her song “Pristine.” “I won’t love anyone else, I’ll never love anyone else,” she adds, her voice rising with intensity.

And boy do you believe her. At 19 years old, Jordan’s debut album Lush speaks to a very specific kind of youthful restlessness; fussing around in a heatwave with nothing to do, getting tired of the same boring parties, finding the nerve to really spill your guts to someone you’re crushing hard on. A guitarist from the age of five (who once took lessons from Helium’s Mary Timony) and an indie rock sensation while still in high school, Jordan makes her art with an enviable confidence.

But while Lush might be a swirling cauldron of teen angst and odes to life-changing love, Jordan also seems like any other goofy teenager. Online, she jokes about the genius of Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” and makes killer memes. At one point during our interview, Jordan made a point to tell her tour manager that she absolutely has to play the Spongebob theme song trap remix before she takes the stage later that night in Williamsburg (I was there at the show and, yes, it was her entrance music.)

Jordan answered our Jezebel Quickie questionnaire with a deadly seriousness, sometimes taking several minutes to figure out exactly what she wanted to say. Here, she talks about ghosts, celebrity crushes, and un-inventing the Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Producer: Phoebe Bradford, Editor: Kayra Clouden

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