So It Turns Out The View Hosts Did Not Test Positive For Covid

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin could have stayed at the glass table and avoided the live show from hell

So It Turns Out The View Hosts Did Not Test Positive For Covid

Remember on Friday when The View hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were dramatically removed from the set right before an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris because they tested positive for covid? Well it turns out that was all just a big whoopsy on production’s part. On Monday’s episode, Joy Behar explained to the audience that the tests were false positives and all four ladies remain vaxed, waxed, and ready to party. Or something like that.

The show’s producer apologized on-air for pulling the women from the show, which resulted in a truncated interview with Vice President Harris and nearly a full hour of Behar and co-host Sara Haines taking personality questions from the audience.

“It was unfortunate that mistakes were made, but I can confidently say that we have very vigorous safety protocols, that everyone is regularly tested, and I’m just so relieved that you guys are healthy, that everyone is healthy and nobody was ever in danger,” the producer said during his lengthy apology to the hosts and, to a lesser degree, the audience that had to sit through an uncomfortable and unfulfilling hour of television.

Hostin and Navarro shared their “uncomfortable” experience of having their medical business aired on national television and not even be fully accurate. “There are real life ramifications,” Hostin said of the debacle, referring to her husband who is a surgeon and was in the operating room when Hostin’s false positive hit the airwaves. Hostin told the audience that he had to be pulled out of the operating room midsurgery for fear that he might have been covid positive as well. Hostin’s children were also pulled out of school when the announcement was made.

Hostin was particularly emotional about the whole ordeal, due to the recent deaths of her husband’s parents as a result of covid complications. Hostin thanked Navarro for being her emotional rock throughout the process of getting retested and cleared to continue working. Both women reiterated their gratitude for being vaccinated and assured “Latino Twitter” that the whole event was not a conspiracy to remove the only two Latine hosts on the show. Happy Latine/Hispanic Heritage months, folks.

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