Sober Lindsay Lohan Stays Up All Night Smoking, Singing Karaoke

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Lindsay Lohan has become a regular at a LES karaoke joint; good for her? I was always a fan of “Confessions of a Broken Heart.”

Anyway, “multiple sources” told the New York Daily News that Lohan and a gaggle of Lohan friends descended upon the karaoke bar last Monday. Lindsay reportedly demanded that the staff keep the bar open until 6 am while her friends guzzled drinks, and she called the NYPD when she was asked to leave. However, she was overheard saying that she’d had nothing to drink the entire night. Says the tipster: “Lindsay was chain-smoking. She walked in sober and she left looking tired.”

According to Lindsay’s dad, “She’s absolutely fine. She’s always great, she’s up early every day and I’m happy that she’s sober.” Here’s hoping that that’s true. [NY Daily News]

In an interview with Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Jennifer Lopez says that she was pressured to change her body at the start of the career and that it’s important to resist that pressure: “But you have to stand up and say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am, you’re the one with the problem!’ And when you can really believe that, all of a sudden other people start believing too.”

J-Lo pretty much perfectly matches the industry body standard now, so — grain of salt. But the message is a very important one! [Us]

When asked by possibly the most polite paparazzo ever why she seemed like a creature from The Dark Crystal in that disastrous, slurred, allegedly truncated Good Day New York interview, Jenna Jameson says that she was “very tired” and “exhausted.” There’s no point in speculating about what really happened, but I do hope she gets the help she needs. [Bossip]

In much lighter news, in a Twitter Q&A Katy Perry says that “Dark Horse” was inspired by The Craft!!!!!!! This is the most important news of the decade — nay, of the century. Every pop star in the world should strive to write a lyrical ode to the best ’90s movie about witches in all of human existence.

Also, she shouts out her favorite taco restaurant in another song. These are all very good things to be inspired by. [MTV]

  • Carrie Underwood says her upcoming role in the live action Sound of Music is “definitely a challenge.” That is putting it delicately. [Billboard]
  • Wendy Williams asks Beyonce to not “slum it up” by attending the Kimye wedding. Um, he gave her a giant gemstone and rent out a stadium for their proposal. What is your understanding of “slum”??? [Bossip]
  • Here’s a picture of Beyonce carrying Blue Ivy, who is very cute. [Bossip]
  • Sean Penn gave a supremely creepy and gross speech at the Hollywood Film Awards about how sexy Julia Roberts looks whilst eating on camera: “I could watch her eat… for hours on end… even if the food got stuck her in teeth.” Uhhhhhh. [D Listed]
  • Remember that New York Times profile of Snooki that said she’d only read two books in her life? Fifty Shades of Grey is not joining those illustrious ranks. Snooki has not finished it. She did not need to. [E!]
  • An expert estimates that the Kimye engagement ring cost $8 million dollars. The real reason I am including this link is because of the photoshopped image of the Kimye wedding, in which Kanye is wearing an ill-fitting suit. [NY Daily News]
  • A friendly reminder that Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and amazing. [NY Daily News]
  • There was a typo on every business card in American Psycho. [HuffPo]
  • Here’s Pauly D’s baby doing a baby fist-pump. [TMZ]
  • BTW, Pauly D and the baby’s mother hate each other. [TMZ]
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