Sofia Richie Wants Everyone to Please Leave Olivia Jade Alone

Sofia Richie Wants Everyone to Please Leave Olivia Jade Alone
Image:Jean Baptiste Lacroix, Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

As someone raised in an evangelical church, I was taught the importance of forgiveness. That’s fine! I don’t mind extending that feeling to one Olivia Jade, who has begun her media campaign to rehabilitate her public image after parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli went to prison over their involvement in the college admissions scandal. A scheme, for reference, in which they spent half a million dollars in bribes and fake photographs and doctored resumes, all in an effort to secure Jade’s spot in USC. But that’s all water under a bridge! Jade deserves my forgiveness, at least, because I literally don’t think about her at all.

Someone who does think about Jade, however, and quite a lot it seems, is Sofia Richie. As a fellow daughter of a high-profile celebrity, it’s no wonder that Richie would log on to Instagram to defend the young influencer’s honor, after Jade’s Red Table Talk interview yesterday in which she claimed ignorance about white privilege, and said how sorry she was for being complicit. In Instagram comments spotted by eagle-eyed Page Six reporters, Richie wrote, under a clip Jade shared from the interview: “Yes girl! Cant wait for what’s ahead.” After another commenter wrote “white privilege supporting white privilege,” Richie lashed back. “We are all human, who make human mistakes. Life is too short to wish negativity on anyone. Sending you love.”

Again, it’s no wonder that a child of a celebrity, one who has probably bumped into Miss Jade at secret rich kid parties and functions and gatherings over the last year, would feel compelled to defend a person like Olivia Jade, who will surely be fine when all of this is over and her mom releases a memoir slash cookbook slash self-help program that they adapt into yet another Lifetime movie.

But really, Richie is correct about one thing: we are all human. Scary, isn’t it?

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