Some Women Use Birth Control For Non-Whorish Reasons


Anti birth control types love to point out that women use birth control so that they can slut around without the risk of getting pregnant (God’s most precious, precious punishment). But new research shows that this isn’t the case at all; in fact, many women use the pill for reasons completely unrelated to harlotry.

The Guttmacher Institute analyzed US Government data and found that 14% of adult women and one-third of teenagers who use oral contraception are on it for non-birth control reasons. Some use it to manage menstrual symptoms like cramps and heavy periods, others use it to help clear up their skin. About half of the teens who use the pill for non-contraceptive reasons have never even had sex— but all of them are sinners who are going straight to hell!

This research comes to light as US Catholic bishops put increasing pressure on the Obama White House to grant them exemption from the provision of the Affordable Care Act that would require religious colleges and hospitals to provide employees and students with hormonal contraceptives.

1 in 3 Teens Go On Pill for Non-Contraceptive Reasons [ABC]

Image via Sandra Kemppainen/Shutterstock

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