Someone In Hong Kong Hasn't Yet Learned The Hard Way About Frying Bacon Topless


Model Flora Cheung has no culinary training and no previous experience hosting a cooking show, but she does have breasts and a see thru apron and a set and a crew, and so obviously what must happen now is she get her own cooking show in Hong Kong. Optimistic individuals involved with the show believe that the show’s combining of boobs and food will endear the culinary arts to men, whereas a more realistic individual might assume that many men are already plenty endeared to female nudity and probably wouldn’t learn much from a naked lady trying to teach them things, anyway, unless that thing the naked lady is trying to teach them is “how to masturbate.”

At any rate, she plans on cooking traditional dishes while donning the infamous apron, which was made especially for the show. Unfortunately for those English-only speakers who are just dying to learn how to cook from a clothing-free woman in Hong Kong, the show will be broadcast in Cantonese only.

Naked Lady Cooking Show Coming To Hong Kong [Eater]

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