Someone Tried to Steal Frances McDormand's Oscar Last Night, But Don't Worry, She Got It Back

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This piece of Oscars journalism, reported by the New York Times’s Cara Buckley, took me on a ride so exhilarating, surprising, and relieving that you’d think it was a long, 3,500-word story in the Arts section. But no, it was captured in a single, perfectly detailed tweet.

Last night, some dude grabbed Frances McDormand’s freshly won Oscar at the Governors Ball, “ran out” with it, was captured by none other than Wolfgang Puck’s (?) photographer (?!), and then granted a consequence-free release by McDormand herself. (Buckley reports she “said to let him go.”

McDormand was reportedly (and understandably) upset after the statue was stolen, and was “spotted crying emotionally…after giving up the search for the statuette on the premises, and departing with her husband, filmmaker Joel Coen.” Fortunately, writes USA Today, they shared an In-n-Out burger after being reunited.

I’d like to take this time to congratulate McDormand on her win (weirdly happy to see her with another Oscar even if it’s for a piece of shit movie), as well as to express my appreciation for this anonymous thief, who taught me that my plan to steal next year’s Best Actress Oscar will not work.

UPDATE: They arrested the guy. LAPD spokesperson Rosario Herrera told The Hollywood Reporter that the accused thief (whose name we still do not know) has been arrested.

[Twitter / USA Today]

In what might be one of the more cringeworthy examples of Page Six mad libs to be published recently, Amber Tamblyn is currently knee-deep in controversy for criticizing male Hasidic Jews (specifically male Hasidic Jewish drivers) on Twitter.

Tamblyn claimed she was nearly run over while pushing her baby stroller through a busy intersection over the weekend. She then added a few details criticizing the community at large for repeated attempts at harming both herself and other women.

Followers called out her tweet as thoughtless and antisemitic, but she is not backing down.

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