Sony Hack Exposes All the Phony Names Celebs Use 


Jessica Alba likes to go by “Cash Money.”

That tidbit comes courtesy of last week’s massive Sony Pictures hack which (among other things) exposed how much their employees hate Adam Sandler and that Seth Rogen makes more money than James Franco. Along with all that, hackers released a list of celebrity aliases. Via Kevin Roose at

In the latest batch of files leaked by a hacking group known as “Guardians of Peace,” there is a folder containing “publicity bibles” for many recently released Sony Pictures films. These documents, which are compiled and distributed among film staff, serve as contact directories for the duration of filming. They include phone numbers and e-mail addresses for directors, producers, publicists, cast members, and crew.

Those contacts include all the corny, weird names movie stars and celebs make up as their aliases. Here’s a list of some of the best fake names in the bunch:

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Neely O’Hara”

Tobey Maguire: “Neil Deep”

Natalie Portman: “Lauren Brown”

Clive Owen: “Robert Fenton”

Rob Schneider: “Nazzo Good”

Taye Diggs: “Scott Diggs”

Jude Law: “Mr. Perry”

Daniel Craig: “Olwen Williams”

Jessica Alba: goes by “Cash Money”

Ice Cube: “Darius Stone” “O’Shea Jackson”

Debra Messing: “Ava Harper”

(“Scott Diggs” is actually Taye Diggs’ real name and Ice Cube’s real name is O’Shea Jackson, FYI) Celebrities using fake names to disguise their identities in places like hotels is nothing new (remember in Notting Hill how Julia Roberts’ character was checked in under the name “Flinstone?”) These aren’t names attached to any legal documents; they’re mostly just names people use on the fly when they have to sign in somewhere and don’t want to tip off the press. This isn’t really a huge secret, either(Yahoo had a list of some of the best ones last year).It’s a tactic that’s been in use for ages in Hollywood and let’s face it, many of these names are pretty funny.

But a lot of aspects of this hack are not funny at all. For example, Sylvester Stallone’s social security number was stolen and leaked, as Roose points out in the Fusion post. (That’s just an example—-Stallone’s information was far from the only private financial information that was leaked.) That gives me a cold, scary shiver down my spine.

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