Sounds Like Nobody Likes Jared Leto’s Italian Accent, Either

Many people are mad that the House of Gucci actor sounds like a Super Mario brother

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Sounds Like Nobody Likes Jared Leto’s Italian Accent, Either
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Ridley Scott is a talented director. The actors in his latest movie, The House of Gucci, are all very talented people! Yet, for some inexplicable reason, amassing this talent under the guise of making a good movie about a scandalous story, doesn’t seem to have worked out.

Please take this information with a grain of salt, as it comes from the notoriously rude New York Post, but is still worthy of consideration. Jared Leto’s accent in the movie sounds like it rivals Lady Gaga’s in how bad it is, but instead of going Soviet, Leto apparently studied at the Super Mario Brothers school of acting and dialect, because that is what he sounds like in this movie! Though this development is entirely expected, it seems moviegoers had different expectations.

One of maybe four incensed Italian-Americans that the Post found on Twitter called Leto’s Italian accent “pure anti-Italianism.” Some others compared the actor’s attempt at doing Paolo Gucci justice to the aforementioned cartoon plumbers. Personally, this news makes me feel nothing but excitement for seeing this movie, which I suspect will be terrible, but worth it nonetheless for the gorgina gowns and the glamour of the Italian Alps. Nice thing to see with the fam, if that’s how the spirit moves you.

In other Jared Leto news, he sat down with the dreaded Ellen DeGeneres to have a weird little chat about the movie. Nothing particularly revolutionary to report there, but it’s worth noting that during the course of said interview, which looked more stilted and formal than normal, Leto revealed that he once got fired for selling weed out of the backdoor of the movie theater where he worked.

Of all the roles this man has had over the course of his career, “ticket ripper at the local cineplex who sells mediocre bags of shake in the parking lot” was probably his best work. [New York Post/Just Jared]

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