Spencer Pratt Knew Something Was Going On With Bruce Jenner


Finally, we get to hear Spencer Pratt’s thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s transition. The former reality star and husband of Heidi Montag (yes they are still together) used to be close friends with Jenner’s son Brody as well as his co-star on The Princes of Malibu and The Hills.

Though he was surprised by Jenner’s confession on the Diane Sawyer special, Pratt said he was “pretty aware of the situation” for a decade. “I knew there was something going on, you know, years ago, certain things…” he said in an interview with Us Weekly. Pratt showed support for Bruce and said he had talked to Brody about Bruce’s transition. “It’s all great. He’s very excited… supportive!”

Pratt and Montag also listed all of the reality shows they watch, which included Love & Hip Hop and Total Divas. “So much more fun watching than being on reality TV,” said Pratt.

That’s too bad. I’d probably watch a Speidi reality show these days, especially if Spencer was still really into crystals, but I recently lurked Spencer’s Instagram and only saw pictures of him doing jiu jitsu and eating giant burritos.

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