Spoil Yourself with SNL's Thanksgiving Jam "Back Home Ballers"

Your Girls, the girl band that brought us “(Do It) On My Twin Bed” are back with a new banger about how awesome it is to go home for Thanksgiving and do jack shit but bask in the wealth of your parents love and Costco membership. On that Executive Gold Star shit, people.

“Back Home Baller” is a lot less girl pop and a lot more haha awkward white girl rapping (a bit of an SNL staple it seems), but man that crazy long password really resonates. Also, Leslie Jones’ bowl breakdown was simply phenomenal. And all I want for Christmas is a “Lil’ Baby Aidy” necklace.

All in all, the episode wasn’t bad. Cameron Diaz was definitely one of the more comfortable hosts we’ve seen this season! But, not gonna lie, I was just stoked to see Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel return to Weekend Update:

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