Stella McCartney: Square, Square Biz


Clean, modern… rectangular. Those are the buzzwords for Stella McCartney‘s show in Paris this morning. Which means: Boxy jackets, boxy coats, boxy vests, boxy dresses. In other words: Hated it!

A square-necked top and slim-cut pants: Contrasty, easy-to-wear pieces that are edgy, but not fussy.

Weird, how did a 1920s swimming costume end up on the runway?

While I can appreciate that some might dig this nautical-inspired look, I’ll be honest: I don’t like it. What’s new and exciting here? Can’t you recreate a similar look by shopping at Lands’ End?

Simplicity can be elegant. It can also be a little dull. I’m sure the fabric feels great, though — the luxe comes through, even in pictures.

A square quilted vest with off-center buttons is sporty-chic. And yawn-inducing.

There’s something a little mod and a little ’70s about this acid orange top — Carol Brady meets crossing guard?

Okay, okay — I like this cozy-looking hooded parka thing. Might be best worn with pants, however.

For a person who loves brights, glamor and embellishment, looking like a rectangular foundation compact has no appeal.

Fans of minimalist, understated dresses, rejoice! Quietly, and without expression.

Love the color — the only thing good about this. Mullet dresses were seen on the Blumarine runway as well. Sign of the apocalypse?

If you’ve ever wondered how a nightie slash slip could be un-sexy, here’s how.

Oh, this is elegant an interesting, and would look great on Gwyneth or Vicky B. Just add oversized glasses and a toddler.

Beth Ditto was there! Not exactly a person I associate with “minimalism” or “restraint.”

Fur + glare = classic Anna.

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