Steve Wilkos Gives Transgender Wife-Beater A Verbal Bashing


Today on The Steve Wilkos Show, the host went apeshit on an abusive transgender man who kicked his pregnant wife in the stomach, inducing a miscarriage.

Steve normally screams at his guests and throws chairs and shit, but he was super pissed off about this guy, who repeatedly beats his wife to the point of hospitalization. He was also pissed at the wife for defending her husband. This couple has a lot of problems, one of which is their shared stupidity. (Their description, in this clip, of whether or not they knew she was pregnant makes it seem like they probably shouldn’t be having kids, if they are this misinformed about life in general.) At the end of the episode, Steve gave an update: Three days after taping the show, the couple tried artificial insemination again, and the woman is now pregnant.

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