Student: University Admins Cut Sports Teams So They Could Renovate Their Offices


A group of UC Davis athletes are protesting their school’s decision to cut several sports teams — they claim administrators chose to spruce up their own offices instead.

According to CBS Sacramento, Davis cut men’s swimming, diving, wrestling, and indoor track and field, as well as women’s rowing, last year. The university says an investigation into the decision showed administrators did nothing wrong — but students disagree. Swimmer Zack Hansen says the decision to cut the teams was made in secret, without student input: “They did it behind closed doors, and the people who were supposed to be involved were kept out.” And he claims administrators used money that could have gone to the teams to renovate their own offices:

There’s new carpet, there’s new furniture, they threw out the old carpet and old furniture the previous person used for several years. Apparently he didn’t have a problem with it.

Is this a case of necessary budget cuts, or of greedy administrators lining their pockets with carpet? The courts may have to decide — Hansen and his fellow students are considering a lawsuit.
UCD Students May Sue College Over Sports Cuts [CBS Sacramento]

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