Summer's Eve Apologizes For Suggesting Your Vagina Was Filthy


After running an ad claiming that douching is an important step on the career ladder, Summer’s Eve has issued an apology.

The ad in Woman’s Day claimed that step one in asking for a raise should be “start with your usual routine and all the things you do to feel your best, including showering with Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash or throwing a packet of Summer’s Ever Feminine Cleansing Cloths into your bag for a quick freshness pick-me-up during the day.” This was mean to be harmless advice, but women totally took it the wrong way! Styleite has posted this statement from a Summer’s Eve Brand Manager:

Hi I am Angela Bryant, Summer’s Eve Brand Manager. I would like to first of all apologize if this ad in anyway has offended anyone. We are taking immediate next steps to remove the ad from circulation. We want you to know that Fleet Laboratories and the Summer’s Eve brand have the utmost respect for women. While we understand how some may come to an alternative conclusion regarding our recent ad, that was never our intention. Thank you.

So basically, we’re sorry we made it sound like your chances of fair compensation depended on the scent of your vagina! From now on, we will stick to weird euphemisms and pictures of meadows.

Can’t Get A Raise? It’s Probably Because You’re Not Douching [Styleite]

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