Super Considerate Cat Unwinds Then Rewinds Toilet Paper Roll


This is Willie the cat. Sure, he will swat at a roll of toilet paper until he almost unwinds it all. But look at what he does next.

See, Willie gets it. He is one of our more generous Cat Overlords. He knows you have a busy schedule and possibly a limited toilet paper budget. You can tell how much he cares by the look on his face which says “ALRIGHT YOU GODDAMN WHINY HUMAN IDIOT. I WILL FIX THIS FOR YOU, YOU INCOMPETENT NOODLE BRAIN. SEE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO CRY AND FREAK OUT LIKE THE ROOF JUST CAVED IN. HERE, I FIXED IT. NOW GO AND PREPARE ME MY MEAL OF VITTLES, BEFORE I HAVE YOU SENT TO THE UNDERGROUND CATNIP MINES.”

Willie is a sweetheart.

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