Sure, Raven-Symoné Could Totally Co-Host The View


Raven-Symoné has been a guest panelist on The View multiple times and now the show’s producers are reportedly courting her as a regular host because she’s “interesting and provocative.” True.

The View has been in shambles for some time, including reports that Rosie Perez was ready to peace out. Post-Barbara Walters, the show has yet to find the right alchemy of hosts and the whole thing is excruciating to watch. Page Six reports:

ABC chiefs are desperately trying to sign Raven-Symoné as a host of “The View” before their upfront presentation May 12 in New York. Sources say the former child star of “The Cosby Show,” Disney Channel actress and, more recently, “Empire” cast member was a hit when she guest-hosted the daytime show in March, alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez.

This shouldn’t happen but it might. According to a source at the network, “She was interesting and provocative. Raven would be great as a regular host.”

Yes, yes… Raven-Symoné would fit right in at The View and their batshit perspectives. In this interesting and provocative interview with E! News, the frequent word-vomiter defended a comment she made during an appearance on The View about Michelle Obama resembling an ape. Raven-Symoné told E! “I think Michelle Obama looks like a little cat!” She also said this:

“I never said I wasn’t black. I said I wasn’t African American. And to me, that’s a difference. Thank you to for sending me my DNA test…I am from every continent in Africa except for one and I’m from every continent in Europe except for one…We are a melting pot of beauty. We have to embrace the different cultures we have. And if you don’t, we’re still gonna have these problems that are blasting up everywhere. And call me hippie, call me a free-thinker, call me someone that’s looking for a better life, but I wanna be in a better world.”

So yeah. Do The View, Raven-Symoné. It would be…interesting.

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