Swiss Farmers Create Beefcake Calendar • Drew Peterson Phones In Jokes From Jail

• In attempts to improve German-Swiss relations, the Swiss Farmers’ Union has created a calendar of half-naked farmer hunks. “We want to show Switzerland in its best light, the countryside and a bit of its culture,” says photographer Tina Steinnauer. •

• Church historian Mary Rubin argues in her new book that over the years, the image of the Virgin Mary has drastically changed. Although Mary was initially depicted as a “figure of immense solemnity,” in the 11th and 12th century there was “an attempt to make Mary into the mother next door, not just the mother of Jesus in heaven, who cooks and does everything that mothers do.” • After surviving an accident that killed her father, a brave 7-year-old drove the family’s damaged car several miles to get help. Police say that alcohol was likely a factor in the crash. • Canadian prosecutors have dropped charges of attempted murder against a U.S. man believed to be involved in the slaying of several abortion doctors. James Kopp is currently serving a life sentence, plus 10 years, for the 1998 fatal shooting of a doctor who ran an abortion clinic. • Divorce lawyers and private detectives agree: GPS is a great tool for catching cheating spouses. • A new documentary, Pressure Cooker follows several high school students as they take high-stress cooking classes to prepare for the Culinary Institute of America scholarship competition. Top Chef meets The Paper? • Former tennis prodigy Andrea Jaeger has joined the ranks of the Anglican Dominican nuns. As a child, Jaeger was scarred by both the instability of her life and her distant, abusive father, and she hopes that today’s child stars will be better nurtured and protected. • City officials in Karachi, Pakistan cite the rising influence of the Taliban as the primary reason women are experiencing an increase in violence and harassment. • An Italian bride made it through her ceremony only to run off at the reception with the driver. She claimed that she had to change clothes, but once she left, she had her new lover call her husband. Her husband is now seeking to file charges. • Horrible person Drew Peterson called into a radio show this morning to try out a few of his brand new prison jokes. We’re not laughing. • A “feral” child has been found in Russia living with her parents and grandparents in the Siberian city of Chita. The 5-year-old girl was never allowed out, and never learned to speak. She lived for years in a room with several dogs and cats, and thus reportedly communicates by barking. • New research illustrates the significance of coloring in gender identification. If the skin around the eyes and mouth are reddish in hue, than the face is more likely to be identified as male. If it is greener, the face is seen as female. • A 27-year-old incarcerated man has plead not guilty in the murder of Chandra Levy. • A 32-year-old religious school teacher from Miami has been charged with sexual battery on a child after she admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old student. When police arrived at her house to question her, she was unavailable, due to the fact that she had gone on vacation in Disneyland with the student. •

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