Tana Mongeau, Dixie D’Amelio, and Other Very Strange Outfits On the Party Circuit This Week

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Image: Backgrid

Am I turning into a hater at my old age of 26? Looking on at a sea of canceled Youtubers strutting around the Los Angeles party circuit, I feel nothing but cautionary ambivalence. But I’m still looking on nonetheless. One thing I know for sure? The most notorious people in Tinseltown sure know how to get my attention.

The famous are partying in full force again, likely due to the confusing mess of guidelines this week from the CDC. Instead of turning Hollywood’s full-frontal assaults on Craig’s in West Hollywood into a moral panic, I’d like to turn our attention to the outfits, which really matter more anyway.

To the uninitiated: Craig’s is a restaurant in WeHo that serves a dual function as the primary base for most of Los Angeles’ paparazzi army. If someone wants to get photographed, they go to Craig’s. It’s a very simple concept! These days, the hangers-on mostly consist of Youtubers and TikTokers, because those are the only famous people left in Tinseltown anymore. Unlike their mundane predecessors, the next generation of the glitterati are determined to mine the most ridiculous trends of yesteryear.

Get the skinny jeans away and sensible footwear away from them! They prefer thongs hitched up to their shoulders and garish lycra bras and pants that look like trash bags.

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