Target Practice: A Map Of Sarah Palin's Alaska


On Tuesday, Sarah Palin slapped images of crosshairs all over a map of the US, corresponding to districts whose reps voted for “Obamacare.” In preparation for her reality show, we’ve identified some other targets she might like to fire on.

Since her show’s called Sarah Palin’s Alaska, we’ve restricted her targets to that great state. Below, the key:

1. Bridge to Nowhere
2. Women’s reproductive rights
3. Denali National Park, home of moose, bears, wolves, and other eminently hunt-able animals
4. Russians
5. Whales
6. Community organizers
7. Levi Johnston
8. Books
9. Huffington Post blogger and Palin critic Shannyn Moore
10. Liberals
11. Sanity
12. Reason
13. Tact
14. Reality

Once #14 is accomplished, Palin’s dominion will be complete, for we will all live in Sarah Palin’s America.

Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back the 20! [Facebook]

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