Taylor Armstrong Lets It All Out With Dr. Phil


Earlier today, Taylor Armstrong spoke with Dr. Phil for a tear-filled hour of discussion about her late husband’s suicide. While the entire show was hard to watch, perhaps the worst bit was listening to Taylor’s play-by-play of her daughter learning of her father’s death:

“The first thing she said was, ‘Did my Daddy do something dumb?’ … The next day, she asked me what happened last night. So I said, your Daddy got sick and died.’ She was very matter-of-fact about it. She had a friend over for a play date and she said, ‘My Daddy died and now he’s dead.'”

Dr. Phil, always being one to pull at the correct heartstrings in order to induce more tears and crying at the perfect time, asked Taylor “And how do you feel towards him for doing that?” She explained, through sobs:

“I cried for him more than I cried for me. Because there’s nothing in this world, nothing, that I would give up watching Kennedy’s face change and watching her grow taller. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. And I thought, to be in such despair that you can’t stay alive to walk your daughter down the aisle, I just can’t imagine a human being hurting that badly. Especially someone that I loved.”

An aside: Do you think the Dr. Phil producers could try pulling the camera out a bit? Nobody needs that kind of close-up.

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