Taylor Swift Dances Like Nobody Is Watching in This Music Video That Everyone Is Watching


Taylor Swift would like you to know that being famous is very, very difficult.

The narrative trailing Taylor Swift for the past few months is that she has disappeared. Or perhaps the “old Taylor Swift” was murdered, as Swift suggested on “Look What You Made Me Do.” All the ex-boyfriends and the media and maybe Kim Kardashian drove her to vanish in a puff of smoke. Although, never has someone actively promoted an album in pretty much all of the traditional ways (releasing singles, releasing videos, performing on shows like Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show) and still had the press treat her as if she were invisible. So she deleted her tweets, who cares!

What’s clear is that Taylor Swift would like to actually become invisible, even for a moment. In the new video for her song “Delicate,” she literally disappears into a crowd with help from a mysterious, glittery envelope. And so naturally, after goofing off to her bodyguards, she does a full dance routine. It could be a commentary on the fact that everyone thinks she can’t dance, or yet another story about how exhausting fame is for Taylor.

Taylor Swift wants to dance like nobody’s watching, to an audience that is always watching. She wants to make music about disappearing, but never actually disappear. This serves as a good reminder that art by famous people about how hard it is to be famous is never a great idea, except of course for “Lucky.”

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