Taylor Swift Finally Shows Belly Button, Proves She's Human 

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Taylor Swift’s mysterious belly button has been revealed! After years of hiding her belly button from an eager public, Swift took to Instagram and finally laid ugly belly button-related rumors to rest. Swift posted a photo of herself and obligatory girlfriends wearing bikinis in Maui. Sorry belly button truths, Tay is human and was not grown in petri dish where her genes where spliced with perfection and glitter. [E]

Miley Cyrus can’t spell Schwarzenegger which is – apparently – the last name of her boyfriend. Yes, as in son of Arnold and Maria Shriver. “Literally, I just had this conversation, I can’t tell you,” Cyrus told Good Morning America. “Apparently there’s not a T in it.” Miley Cyrus becomes more and more complex everyday: artist, advocate of medicinal masturbation, and now poor speller. [NY Daily News]

Patrick Dempsey‘s wife Jillian Fink has filed for divorce after nearly 15 years of marriage. “It is with careful consideration and mutual respect that we have decided to end our marriage,” the couple said in a statement. “Our primary concern remains the well being of our children, and we ask with profound gratitude that you respect our family’s privacy at this very sensitive time.” TMZ reports that the couple does not have a prenup. The couple’s estimated worth is $40 million. [TMZ]

  • Cara Delevigne cuddles with an ah-dorable lion cub. [E!]
  • Reese Witherspoon‘s two-year-old son acts like a toddler. [Daily Mail]
  • Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are getting a divorce, prompting the question, “Huh, they were married?” [E!]
  • Lena Dunham talked to Mindy Kaling in an airport. Kaling looks kinda irritated. [Daily Mail]
  • Sean Penn has filed to adopt Charlize Theron‘s son. [US Weekly]
  • Jennifer Lopez just wants you to know that she eats right and exercises. Oh, and she’s never had any plastic surgery. People magazine wants you to know that it’s totally okay to ask ladies questions like this. [People]
  • Also in Jennifer Lopez news, she wants to remind you that she’s seen Ben Affleck naked. [US Weekly]
  • Here’s a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch in his “original Sherlock” costume. [Vulture]
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