Taylor Swift Is Now on TikTok, and, Like Me, Seems Unsure of What To Do There

Swift posted her first-ever TikTok on Monday to promote her re-release of Red

Taylor Swift Is Now on TikTok, and, Like Me, Seems Unsure of What To Do There
Screenshot:Taylor Swift/TikTok (Fair Use)

Taylor Swift joined TikTok on Monday to announce that her re-recording of Red is now available for pre-sale on her website.

In her inaugural video, Swift cut between clips of herself in different outfits evocative of the four albums she’s put out in the last year: a peasant top for folklore, a plaid blazer for evermore, a yellow cottage core dress for Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and a black turtleneck and red lipstick for Red (Taylor’s Version), due this November. The video is set to the song “Screwface Capital,” which includes the line “my outstanding payments swift like Taylor.”

Speaking as someone who only watches the TikToks my friends text to me, it seemed a bit perfunctory. But for Swift fans, of course, this constituted an event, as well as an opportunity to hunt for easter eggs on Swift’s TikTok page—which again, only includes this one (1) video so far. Nonetheless, the Taylor Swift fan account Taylor Swift World used a series of “clues” to determine that Swift is likely to release the first single from Red [Taylor’s version] on September 10, two days before the VMAs.

The user behind the account deduced this from Swift’s avatar on TikTok, which shows her in a bear costume. Coincidentally, National Teddy Bear Day is September 9, they explain—though, since Swift liked 10 TikToks, that naturally means the release date is the 10th. Naturally!

Considering that a TikTok user correctly guessed that Kylie Jenner was pregnant again based on a photo of her nails alone, who am I to doubt the Swifties? Nonetheless, I feel that it’s more likely that, like me—another millennial woman—Swift has little idea of what to do on the platform (beyond promoting her new album releases). Someone give her more inspiration for transitions between clips!

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