Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran a Drake-Themed Needlepoint

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Taylor Swift‘s transformation from lovelorn teen millionaire into your kinda hip aunt who enthusiastically participates in Revolutionary War reenactments and is very content with her life has reached a glorious apotheosis. It has occurred in the form of a Drake-themed needlepoint created for her friend Ed Sheeran.

(Notably, this is not the first rapper-themed 18th century craft she made for the singer-songwriter: last year, she made him jam with her fav Kanye quote emblazoned on the label).

As you can see in this still from the MTV documentary “9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran,” this is a needlepoint drawing of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift scaling some stairs. They started at the bottom, and now they’re here — sort of in the middle of the stairs, having a melodic conversation about “CATS” and “LEGOS.”

Upon the stairs, it says, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.” It’s unclear what struggle that is — from Swift and Sheeran’s careers, I would posit that it’s the struggle to look as good-natured as possible whilst strumming a guitar. Or the struggle to distance oneself from John Mayer. Video at the link. [MTV]

Rihanna and Chris Martin maybe went on a date at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Quoth a witness: “They were leaning into each other, laughing and being flirty. Rihanna kept pushing her hair out of her face and Chris appeared to almost be whispering in her ear.” OOoOoOOOh. [x17]

Someone threw a Selena Gomez cardboard cutout at the stage while Miley Cyrus performed a song entitled “FU.” Miley picked it up and angrily waved it about for a while before hurling it back into the audience. So there’s a FEUD happening, I guess? Who knows with these crazy kids. [Gossip Cop]

  • Kris Jenner lost her shoes in the aftermath of the Kimye nuptials (as one does at a wedding???) and had to borrow Jaden Smith‘s Batman boots. Jaden Smith is a literal hero. [E!]
  • Here is Taye Diggs talking about his split from Idina Menzel :'( [E!]
  • Rihanna is an aunt now; behold these glorious photos of her hugging a tiny little baby. [Gossip Cop]
  • The Kardashian reign of terror continues upon the innocent citizens of the Hamptons: Kourtney recently got a free lunch and did not leave a tip. [Page Six]
  • One Direction worked VERY hard on their new fragrance, says Liam in a promotional video. I am worried that they’re making Liam do all the work like some kind of pack mule of public good will. I am also worried that there will be no commercial of the band doing antics in a room full of flower petals. [ONTD]
  • Jessica Chastain got bangs, which I’m sure you knew from the NY Times breaking news alert you got this morning. [People]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams are maybe dating. I hope they have Avatar-style sex in which they connect their hair together. [Page Six]
  • TMZ has a video of Jessica Simpson drunk and going to Jack-in-the-Box. I’ve never truly believed the mantra of “Stars: they’re just like us!” until this day. [TMZ]
  • Selena Gomez is mad at Justin Bieber for being racist, has “Roar” by Katy Perry as her ringtone in order to motivate herself to improve. You know. Typical breakup stuff. [ONTD]
  • Nasim Pedrad won’t be returning to SNL next season; she’s going to be on Fox’s Mulaney instead. [Buzzfeed]

Images via Getty, MTV

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