Taylor Swift Sics Lawyers On Creeps Over Alleged Nude Photo

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Taylor Swift is going hell for leather against tastefully named website Celebrity Jihad after it posted a topless pic (NSFW) and claimed it might be the 21-year-old country superstar. The image bears a pretty strong likeness and her lawyers have sent a letter asking for the “leaked” photo to be taken down. [Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail]
In cuter news, Taylor risks “crazy cat lady” headlines from hack tabloid writers across the globe by coming out as the proud owner of the coolest T-shirt in the history of anything ever. [TMZ]

Mel B‘s 12-year-old daughter Phoenix has filed a battery report against her father, Jimmy Gulzar. Allowed custody visits four times a month, shit hit the fan earlier this month when he refused to let her go and tried to physically restrain her. More on this charming tale of parenting via the police report: “Victim is suspect’s daughter. Susp has visitation rights w/daughter. When daughter attempted to leave susp’s house to return to mother’s home, susp grabbed vict’s arm refusing to let her leave.” Expect the men who spearhead father’s rights groups to start frothing at the mouth in three, two … [Radar]

Surprising no one at all, Heidi Klum knocked it out of the park yet again this Halloween. But Nicole Richie hardly phoned it in, either. Mixing a little ghetto with a touch of bitchy, she got her Juicy Couture on as Jennifer Lopez pre-Jenny From The Block. You know, back when she was fun. We would have also accepted green Versace Jen, but two thumbs up. [NicoleRichie.com]

Sure to instigate the kind of feverish squealing that will annoy a Twi-hard’s family and colleagues alike, the studio has released two new promo shorts for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Stephanie Meyer sure is subtle when it comes to the ol’ virginity parable, ain’t she? [E!]
The new movie also narrowly escapes an R rating, the sex scene between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being re-cut after censors deemed it likely to cause mass heart attacks among tweens and soccer moms. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Don’t you just hate it when you mean to forward racy pics sent to you by a fan to your close and decidedly piggish mates, only to realize you’ve sent them to your entire address book – including your fiancée? Then spare a thought for poor Cristiano Ronaldo who did just this over the weekend. Luckily for the soccer star, his bride-to-be Irina Shayk is realistic about gateway behavior common to sporting husbands and their inevitable penchant for cheating. [Mirror]

  • It may shock you to learn Michael Lohan was denied bail despite pleas he needs to attend a “celebrity” boxing match and talk to bottom-feeding media about his beleaguered daughter. [NYDN]
  • In a constant game of Freaky Friday with her former self, Lindsay Lohan is now working overtime to impress the judge in her case. [TMZ]
  • Tired of exploiting her daughters for personal gain, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner tries her murdered ex-bestie on for size. [Radar]
  • Steve Jobs‘s sister gives believers of the afterlife some major ammo when she says her brother looked past them and exclaimed “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow” moments before he died. [New York Times]
  • Finally, Kim Kardashian‘s Halloween outfit has been unveiled — a touching tribute to Patricia Field on laundry day. [NYDN]
  • Cameron Diaz gives us the most lukewarm stripper outfit in recorded history. [US]
  • With Paris Hilton refusing to be photographed in her Minnie Mouse costume, we’re assuming it’s because it wasn’t slutty enough. That or she realized sister Nicky did a better job of it last year. [Page Six]
  • Drew Barrymore‘s Halloween party was so loud (read: fun) that neighbors called the cops on her. [TMZ]
  • And the top 10 Halloween songs are … [Billboard]
  • File this one under fucking creepy: a former Jon And Kate Plus 8 editor has been charged with 10 counts of sex exploit of a minor. [Radar]
  • British pop idol Natasha Bedingfield says she refuses to starve herself to fit other people’s expectations. [People]
  • Illustrating why he should be captured for scientific testing into unwavering self-confidence, James Franco says critics of his performance art only encourage him to make more. [E!]
  • Say what you will about Victoria Beckham, no one can criticize her for her parenting game – girl got that hands-on thing down. [Radar]
  • Tori Spelling heads to hospital after suffering a shitty, week-long migraine. [Radar]
  • A “secret” album of unheard Amy Winehouse material – you know, the one she was openly working on before her death – is to be released. [Sun]
  • Angela Bassett, who played Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It? ran into Ike in LA. The chance meeting didn’t end as horribly as you’d imagine. [Page Six]
  • Anna Faris likes herself a guy with a bit of chunk, with husband Chris Pratt saying she makes apple strudel for breakfast. [US]
  • Move over J. Lo, there’s a new diva in town. With Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D getting in on the ridiculous rider action. [Page Six]
  • Anthony Ciccone, the homeless brother of Madonna, had some snap!-worthy words to say about growing up with his famous sibling: “[She] was a bitch, just like she is now. She remains true to form.” [NYDN]
  • Chaz Bono is inundated with work following Dancing With The Stars. Anyone else think it’d be awesome if he did a ’50s greaser pin-up calendar? [TMZ]
  • More on the trans front, kinda — Mormons in Utah ban kids dressing in cross-gender Halloween costumes. [Radar]
  • Named and shamed Hilary Swank has let go of her manager Jason Weinberg and is set to fire her two CAA agents Amie Yavor and Josh Lieberman in the wake of her Chechen leader gaffe. [The Independent]
  • Real World producers are calling Tonya Colley‘s rape allegations “completely baseless” after a “thorough” investigation. [TMZ]
  • Eva Longoria gossip got *this much* less interesting after she denied rumors she’s dating Matt Barnes. [US]
  • Ellen and Portia DeGeneres (I’m still thrilled she got rid of that de Rossi ridiculousness) open up a vegan restaurant. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • An elevator full of actor types live out one of my top three nightmares when they plummet four stories at the Gramercy Park Hotel. [Vulture]
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