Taylor Swift Wanted Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Her Gym, Which Honestly Feels Correct

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Taylor Swift Wanted Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Her Gym, Which Honestly Feels Correct
Taylor Swift Image: (Getty)

As someone who’s not Rich And Famous, there are very few times I feel able to connect with literally anything that’s happening in the go-go world of the Hollywood elite. With every passing year of the 2000s, the whole ‘Celebrities, they’re just like us’ thing has felt further and further from my reality. When I was a a teen in the mid-aughts watching Britney Spears walk into gas station bathrooms without shoes on I understood that experience. Probably because I’m from Florida and Florida is a lawless hellscape, but that’s besides the point. It felt relatable to me. Now we’ve got celebrities showing us their houses outfitted with miniature, or full-sized, grocery stores. I don’t know about you, but I truly have no concept of what that’s like.

So, you’ll imagine my surprise when a story broke about Taylor Swift and my first thought was, ‘Oh my god same!’

According to Page Six, Swift showed up to a private gym session in West Hollywood only to find that it was not as private as she had previously planned. Understandably, Swift asked for the gym to be cleared so she could workout in private as was scheduled. Now, while I may not relate to the experience of renting out an entire gym for myself, I do totally understand the frustration of showing up somewhere on time only to be made to wait (for me it’s usually for my Starbucks mobile order).

However, the truly relatable moment of this story is that the one of the people Swift needed to be removed from the gym was none other than Justin Bieber. Now, again, I can’t necessarily relate to the experience of needing Justin Bieber evicted from a space I’m entering, but metaphorically I would prefer he be evicted from my consciousness at all times, so, I guess today I can say I totally relate to Taylor Swift.

Apparently Bieber continued his workout after being asked to leave, which is only shocking considering I’d thought he’d be busy begging people to listen to his new music so it will chart against the will of the general public. Swift did eventually get her workout in, without any actual confrontation between her and Bieber, and again I am left with nothing to relate to Swift over as I have no intention of working out anytime in the near future. [Page Six]

There are only a few people who I hope are genuinely always doing well and are never ever feeling sad. One of those people is, of course, Rihanna.

When the news broke that it appeared her and now apparently ex-boyfriend Hassan Jameel broke up, many of us at Jezebel HQ were, understandably, devastated. How was she feeling? What was she thinking? Would this breakup maybe inspire some new music?

Well, it looks like we’ve gotten an answer to at least one of those questions, and it appears Rihanna is feeling just fine. On Friday the singer/actress/beauty mogul was spotted hanging out with her rumored ex, A$AP Rocky backstage at a Yams Day Benefit concert.

Of course, although the two were allegedly romantically involved in 2013, this was probably just a couple of friends hanging out. But damn must it feel good to follow up the news of a breakup with a photo-op, looking gorgeous and unbothered, laughing with another man. May we all take a page out of Ri’s playbook and move into the rest of 2020 with the same energy. [Us Weekly]

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