Taylor Swift's '22' Video Is a Gift From Instagram Heaven


Taylor Swift, America’s Sweetheart and cold-blooded killer, released the video for “22” yesterday and it’s very Taylor Swift-y — a description that on some days could come off as a mondo burn, but today just means that it’s playful, brightly colored and, as many have pointed out before me, seemingly shot through the twee-est of Instagram filters.

I don’t know, it’s cute. It seems like they’re having a good time, Vanessa from Gossip Girl is there, Taylor Swift wears cat ears. According to her GMA exclusive, Swift says the video was shot at a house with all of her real life friends. Seems like fun, but of course they edited out the parts of the party where Swift put a cigar out on the neck of someone who scuffed her Keds and held a girl out of a second-story window “just so she could feel something.”

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