Teacher Murders a Live Rabbit in Front of Students Because, Learning


A schoolteacher in Idaho snapped the neck of a rabbit and then proceeded to skin the body and cut in up in front of a class of 10th graders because it was time they grew the fuck up.

The AP reports that the Columbia High School biology teacher explained that they murdered a rabbit in front of 16 teenagers in order to teach them where their food comes from. Now, I understand that the teacher probably meant this generally, but I have to wonder how often this group of 16 year-olds is noshing on a nice braised rabbit. I’m just saying that if this was the route they wanted to take, perhaps a chicken might have been more impactful.

A spokesperson for the school helpfully noted that the demonstration is not part of the school’s biology curriculum. Students were allowed to leave the classroom before the demonstration began, but it’s not clear how many students took her up on the offer.

Image via Shutterstock/Leena Robinson.

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